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Young Entrepreneur Launches New Website For Performers

A local student from Rutland College has come up with a brand new idea for performers local and nationally to communicate with each other and share information.

William Wills, Age 17 from Stamford has launched 'So-Act!' a free social networking site for actors and performers. The site provides a platform for them to be able to communicate with others involved in theatre, film and television. William came up with the idea having worked with a local film production company, where he noticed that actors and performers needed a place to express their talent using the internet. He felt that current social networking sites did not address the needs of performers, and that many of those would prefer a separate professional place to network with likeminded individuals.

So-Act! is completely free, and members can upload videos and showreels, 'follow' different performers or even audition for upcoming shows or events. It also has instant chat messaging and is linked to social networking sites including Facebook and twitter.

William and a group of likeminded friends are now ready to film a promotional video for the site, with support from Wildcats Theatre School and local media professional Giles McMullen who runs 'Spotlight Media'. Giles brings over 15 years experience of broadcasting experience to Spotlight Media, during that time he has hosted and produced programmes for TV and radio. He has also advised some of the UK’s larges companies on how to use online video to promote their business. As part of a short course offered in partnership with New College Stamford, Will and around 15 other students aged 16-19 will be producing the film whilst working towards a nationally recognised Arts Award.

Will said " I started this website because I saw an opportunity to harness the internet to help actors to network and express their talent using this wonderful technology. I originally had an idea about providing some method for people to upload their own music online for others to listen to. Unfortunately, I was a bit slow as it already existed! However, I realised that I was surrounded by actors. So after some research and sitting in a dark room thinking about it, So. Act! was created. Only recently So Act! upgraded to a really powerful socially integrated website allowing members to distribute their talent not only to other members on So Act but on Facebook, Google + and Twitter! I would love So. Act! to become “The Home for Actors”.

Caz Dolby of Wildcats said 'Having spoken to Will through email and his site on a number of occasions I was impressed with what he was trying to achieve and the work he had put into the site. We have now met to discuss how we can support the site further, and are working with him on the creation of his new promotional video as part of the Arts Award Programme'

Giles McMullen, of Spotlight Media said "Will has achieved so much with So-act in a very short space of time. It’s great to see a young person taking the initiative to create something that’s really groundbreaking. I’m delighted to be part of the project and hope that the promotional film we produce will help to push So-act onto even greater success."

Will is also now looking for sponsorship from local businesses including adverts on the site as well as promoting up coming events and shows. He has been investing his own funds into the site so far and is now ready to look at those interested at being involved further.

You can join So-Act! by visiting or contact Will at


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